therapy today

So we had therapy today. It was a very productive session. We talked about a lot. We discussed the results from the Hartgrove assessment and how Lily agreed with it to the T. she says she wants to help us to communicate with each other and to create safe places inside for everyone. She wants to use EMDR later when we start processing trauma. She told me about butterfly hugs where you hug yourself and tap each side of your elbows like a butterfly. She asked me about what happens in my body and my feelings when we eat food. I was able to explain some things to her. I also talked about how there are people who are expecting that just because we aren’t in the hospital that everything is ok, but she said that she knows it’s not. And she said that was ok, that’s it’s ok to not be ok. I liked that. We had a very good session. We tried to use a program to do video sessions, bu we were having technical issues, so we just talked over the phone. I told her about the support from this group and my blog and she said to use what we could. I just wanted to say thanks everyone for your support and love. It really means a lot. Overall, a very productive session.


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