Dietitian appointment

Hi everyone,

So we had our dietitian appointment on Friday, and it was good news but not good news. They said their program was not going to be enough to help me that we needed an inpatient level of care and they would document that. We have a place that has excepted us, but Medicaid refuses to pay. I don’t know what we are going to do if we can’t get them to pay. We are essentially without a dietitian and an eating disorder therapist for now. Not sure what’s next, but this road is so long and confusing and scary.


3 Replies to “Dietitian appointment”

  1. See if if you can narrow down if Medicaid is refusing because of a few line items or the whole program. When I had a life changing Bipolar treatment available my insurance would not paid. So I wrote a letter to the person who’s signature was on the letter. Very calmly I explained what my daily life was like at best and at worst. Asked them to please put themselves in my shoes. Knowing my father had committed suicide I was more likely genetically to do the same. I asked if she would want her children to have a chance at a better life. Three weeks later I was approved. Maybe worth a try.


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