BPD no no no!!!

So yesterday in therapy, Lily went ove the diagnostic criteria with us for BPD. She said that even though it’s mild, i still meet criteria. I don’t agree. Maybe I’m not seeing things clearly, but i just don’t see it. I’m not out of control with anger. In fact, usually, I’m not even the one who gets angry. Usually, it’s Enigma or Amilia or someone else who holds that. Lily said that anorexia could be considered impulsive. I don’t ge that, because it’s another disorder entirely. Again, maybe I’m wrong? I just don’t want to have BPD because of the stigma. I’m also confused because before, Lily was saying that i didn’t have it, but now, she’s changed her mind, just because i was in the hospital a few weeks ago for suicidal thoughts. wouldn’t any of you be to if you were going through what we are going through? I’m just confused… Any advice? Lily said she doesn’t even want to work on the BPD because it’s not my main issue. She says my main issues are DID, PTSD, anorexia and depression. She said DID was primary along with anorexia.


3 Replies to “BPD no no no!!!”

  1. My understanding of bpd is quite different. Basically, it concerns attachment issues. you yearn for close attachment, idealize the other, and then erupt with anger and dramatic behavior when disappointed. Unless the suidicality was aimed at your therapist, it doesn;t indicate bpd. Nor the anorexia. BTW, anorexia isn;t impulsive, it is planned for meticulously day after day!!! And even if one of you is bpd, doesn;t mean the system is. Maybe your therapist was scared by you needing hospitalization?


    1. I am not sure. It’s just very frustrating that every single doctor doesn’t take the time to evaluate for the DID. Lily has done that because she has known us for six months, but she says the BPD is not our main issue. Ray



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