Feeling accomplished

So, we got some news yesterday that the appointment we were supposed to have on March 5 cannot happen because of insurance. When we were with Meridian, we had transportation, but now that we are on straight Medicaid, we don’t. So our appointment had to be moved to April 3. Our caseworker, your member Sarah? Haven’t seen her in a month, anyway, she is taking us on April 3 to see this doctor. The entire reason we got this new doctor was because insurance wanted the diagnoses to come from a doctor. So the appointment that was scheduled in January cannot happen until April. That’s a little ridiculous since it is just establishing care with the primary care provider. Anyway, the point of this email, we have not had homemakers for three weeks, and we have had help here and there from our friend Carol. Well, I did the dishes this morning! Didn’t have any issues with dizziness or my heart rate or anything. Feeling very accomplished. Later today, our Department of rehab services worker is coming to have us sign forms that she said she should’ve had a sign last time she saw us. It is going to reestablish our homemaker services. In other news, the appeal that we are trying to get against Meridian is going to be tricky because the rule that we had for months to file or request the appeal is a state rule, it’s not something the insurance company came up with, so we don’t know if we can get an extension. It’s looking like we can’t. Anyway, that four months is up on April 19. Once that is up, we cannot fight them anymore to get them to pay for treatment. We are hoping for the best.


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