Home from inpatient

We are home from inpatient. We are already struggling. Some others inside are already using behaviors. We contacted a residential treatment center who has worked with our insurance before, and when we told them that we were discharged straight back to outpatient with no one who specializes in eating disorders, they were completely flabbergasted. They said we never should’ve skipped three levels of care. We are going to be seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders online. We will take anything we can get at this point, because even she says we are still any vulnerable. With our health. We were only there for 2 1/2 weeks. We made a lot of art pieces while we were there. We liked the art therapy and the dance movement therapy, but we were not allowed to talk about why we were struggling with meals because it was trauma related. We were not allowed to be ourselves there. I guess we did get some benefits from it, but somethings obviously not right since we are still struggling.


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