Going on vacation and possibly moving? What?

So, in December, and for New Year’s, we are going to California to visit our friend Synica. Her dad has frequent flyer miles that he is allowing us to use to be able to fly there. They have four units or apartment like places that her grandfather owns, and in six or eight months, two of them will be remodeled, so Synica and I can share a living space! When we go there in December, Synica said we could walk around disney. She is completely supportive of us and wishes we could get out of Illinois to. I know California has a lot more options as far as treatment and their medical program is better than Illinois. Can’t wait to get a much-needed vacation in the sunshine. The weather in California is supposed to be really awesome! In other good news the department of vocational rehab services has agreed to pay for me to get online assistive technology certifications. These classes will only take 10 weeks to complete, and after that, I could potential he get a job and get off of SSI and Medicaid once I worked my way up. Plus, the schooling would give me something else to focus on other than insurance. Our Littles are excited because Synica has a ton of toys including Barbies! Yay!Ray and Little’s

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