HFS final ruling

So, HFS issued its final ruling and we received the 20 page letter today. They said that the insurance company did not have to pay for the treatment we needed and our request was denied. They also said that it did not find that what we were requesting was within their jurisdiction. They said it was more a grievance that we were saying that our insurance would not find an alternative treatment plan. So now, we have to first try appealing to the circuit clerk court in Morgan County, and if that doesn’t work, we take it to the district court, and then, if that doesn’t work, we go to the supreme court. So we are looking at another year maybe more before we can get the treatment we need. For now, we are focusing on school. We are getting a new Windows laptop from the Illinois assistive technology program next Wednesday we have no choice but to keep going. We are not going to give up even though some days that is what we want to do. We will fight as hard as we can. They won’t take us down without a fight!


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