Got an EGD

So we went to the hospital for an upper endoscopy G.I., and then were admitted for observation for 23 hours. We were supposed to get a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with contrast, but insurance denied it first on an outpatient basis, and then when we were admitted to inpatient, they did the same thing saying we need an ultrasound first. The doctors confirmed that an ultrasound would not show what they needed it to show. They need to rule out superior mesenteric artery syndrome. They are pretty sure it is gastroparesis, but a gastric emptying study is needed to confirm this. My anorexia diagnosis was changed to avoidant restrictive food intake disorder ARFID. The nurses and techs were lovely and the doctors were really nice and understanding about my situation. They didn’t even flinch when we told them about the dissociative identity disorder and PTSD diagnoses. This hospital is by far the one that has treated us the best. They were just as frustrated by our insurance as we were. They said that the best bet is to get the gastric emptying study in two weeks. We are already severely underweight, but really nothing to do about that as it is hard for us to eat more than six or seven bites without getting full early, bloating, and feeling nauseous. POTS and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome were confirmed while we were there. I touched my thumb to my forearm on both sides, and the doctor said, “yes, that’s classic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.” They already suspect gastroparesis. I hate stupid insurance. I hate that insurance dictates the medical care we receive.


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