trigger warning medical update on us mentions cancer

TW Medical stuff mentions c*ncer. . . . . . . . . . . . . hello everyone,So, we went to what was supposed to be our dietitian appointment and an appointment with a physician assistant yesterday, and it ended up being an adventure. First off, we had the time for the appointment wrong. We thought it was at 2, but it was at 1. Got to love dissociation.So, we called Karen, and she said that her 2:00 patient might not show, so we took this opportunity to see if we could get ,the EKG done that the doctor in Chicago needed done. We got to the cardio floor only to realize that the hospital receptionist had given us ‘the wrong fax number to give our doctor in Chicago, so they never got the order. The person in registration at the hospital called my doctors office and got the order refaxed. We were so grateful to her. So, we got the EKG done, but when we called Karen back, she said she had to reschedule, so we never saw her.We then went to our follow-up appointment, and the ladz was really nice. The nurse we worked with also has two daughters with EDS and is in one of the Facebook groups we are in to!! This was really amazing!! We went to the secood appointment, and Chribbsy as she likes to be called, prescribed us some Omiprizole for acid reflux and some Zofran for We got some of the results of the scope we had done earlier, and we have an irregular Z-line which is caused by acid in the esophagus. The Omiprizole is supposed to help with the acid stuff. TW cancer mentioned. . . . . So we looked up what irregular z-line is, and we found that it can lead to Barrett’s esophagus and then possibly lead to esophageal cancer. This scared us a lot… We have to have repeat EGD’s every three years.
On another note, we were supposed to have therapy two weeks ago, but we had a doctor’s appointment so couldn’t make it.We had another one this past Friday as well, so Lily said she could meet on Saturday, so we were looking forward to that. She then texted us on Saturday to say she had a family engagement and couldn’t meet and asked if owe could meet on Tuesday. We had to say no, that we had a doctor’s appointment, so owe are meeting on Friday. We have our gastric emptying study on Februarz 5th, and hope to get the results back a few days after it. The meds will only be a Band-Aid solution as they won’t speed up the emptning of my stomach. We will see how it goes though. Sorry this is so long. Saphire is still struggling. She’s struggling with and flashbacks feeling so real, and with all this medical stuff going on, Emmie is having a hard time to. Thanks for reading, and sorry if this was triggering.Ray

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