TW medical and doubt. . . . . . . . . hello everyone,so i’m wondering if we are expecting to much from our therapist. are we expecting to much to ask her to educate herself genericabbly or even briefly about the physical conditions we deal with? i dont know. I just feel like i’m asking to much. its just that sometimes during a session, we spend a lot of time just educating her on things like EDS and chronic pain and how our digestive issues aren’t just about trauma and programming and or eating disorders. is it wrong that i’m frustrated? i dont feel like i have the right to be frustrated. she assumes that if we need the feeding tube that we will only need it to get through processing trauma. She also doesn’t agree with the ARFID diagnosis, but our psych APN does. i  just want professionals to agree about what’s going on with us!!! i just feel like we are to much for professionals to deal with at all. and when people doubt our illnesses because they say we’re to young to have so many problems. just feeling so confused and alone.Ray   

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