Spoke to our primary care providers office yesterday trigger warning medical

Trigger warning medical not sure……So, yesterday, we called our primary care providers office and asked her for help. We asked if they could place an NJ tube, but she said that she could not do that. She had said we had to wait for the G.I. consult on March 20. She wants us to drink three protein shakes per day diluted with water to make them easier to swallow as well as eating three full-size meals per day. This is nearly impossible. We can barely manage some days to eat some applesauce and some chicken broth. Why can’t we just get help? I also found out why I haven’t been seeing my dietitian. My primary care provider never sent in a referral to her when I switched providers. So I have not seen her since January 7. I called her and asked her for her advice yesterday, and I asked her if she could prescribe a feeding tube, and she said if it was eating disorder related, maybe. She told me to also wait for the G.I. consult. I am just getting so frustrated at this point. I just need nutrition! Dammit!Ray

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