appointment yesterday: trigger warning: medical

Trigger warning medical.




So, we had an appointment with a nurse practitioner yesterday. She said the only thing she could really do is prescribe ensure.. She said she could try to move our dietitian appointment to an earlier date. We see the dietitian on March 9. We are doing everything we can, but it is still not enough. She also said, “you won’t lose that much weight in a month.” She said, "your weight is stable." I asked her how she knew we wouldn’t lose more weight in a month. She didn’t really have an answer. She says there is nothing she can do until I see the G.I. doctor. She said that there were probably other treatments for gastroparesis that I did not know about. I was just very frustrated by the end of the appointment. She couldn’t give me any direction on when I should go to the hospital for my weight.


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