appeal letter from HFS

So I got a letter in the mail from HFS saying I had an appeal on March 3rd at 10 AM and if I didn’t answer the phone, the appeal would be dismissed. Megan doesn’t know why we got this letter as the appeal they filed was with Morgan County, not with HFS. I swear if HFS screws this up, I could scream. I think I’ve found a place that will accept me even if we have to get a feeding tube. It’s called the Emily Program in Minnesota. They were very understanding about the gastroparesis. They have to talk to their clinical team to see if they can accommodate me. I really hope they can. So I’m talking with Megan today at 2, and hope we can get things figured out, because I’m thoroughly confused!!!


2 Replies to “appeal letter from HFS”

  1. Just finding your blog here but I’m dealing with a lot of this too and it’s so unbelievably frustrating! I’m basically looking at giving up on ED treatment and also have an option at The emily program but no aftercare options because I can’t find outpatient providers that take my medicare and also know anything about EDs and the mental health stuff I deal with. It’s been incredibly frustraitng because I get treatment but then am discharged and relapse right away without support. So, def make sure you can get access to a solid outpatient team if you don’t already have that. It’s such a frustrating journey, sorry you are going through this too.

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