Hello everyone,

So, I’m just wondering why we have to have the issues we do with our stomach. I hate not being able to eat a lot of foods. It sucks. I’m sitting here now drinking a protein shake because food is just to much right now. I’m sitting in the library in our apartment building wondering why we had to go through trauma and why we got stuck with incurable diseases. This just sucks. I hate being in pain all the time. I hate not being able to type very well as a result of this. 


3 Replies to “why?”

  1. Hi Ray. I think each survivor has to struggle and wrestle with the “why”. It is normal and you’re right to work your way through this. I sometimes find it helpful to reframe my thinking around this and ask myself, “why not?”. That can be hard for the little ones to process but it makes me feel more accepting of what’s happened. It gives me a starting point to shift my thinking and take new action. But it’s also important to allow yourself to feel the injustice of it all.


    1. Thank you so so much!! That really means a lot to us.

      We love you and thank you for all your support.


      Rayette Rucker

      World Services for the Blind

      Assistive technology instructor online trainee

      Google Voice Number: (314) 637-9985


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