our stomach issues TW medical from Myra

TW medical and trauma

Hello everyone,
It’s Myra. 
We’ve had stomach issues since we were about 16. When we lived with our aunt when we were 17, we threw up after a lot of times when we ate. We were under a lot of stress, so I’m not surprised. I’m pretty suffe we’ve been dealing with gastroparesis since we were a child. We also found out that we may have reverse motility issues to, because at 4 hours of our gastric emptying  study, we had 82% ofthe food left in our stomach, but at 3 hours, there was 81% left which says our intestines don’t work as they should. We want to go to Cleveland clinic, but lack the fudding. Does anyone know a way we can do a fundraiser for medical needs? We just want answers!!! We just want some hope. 
I’m tired of feeling sick. thanks for reading.

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