NJ tube woes

So, I was in physical therapy today, and my NJ tube bridle was rubbing against my nose so much that it made it raw and bleed. They sent me to the ER, and they gave me Litacaine cream. They also called my GI to ask about the plan because he said that they would need to put in the GJ tube after 4 weeks because the NJ would start to rub me raw, and it’s been two weeks and it’s already starting to do that a lot. He made no mention of getting the GJ tube, but said that if I didn’t gain weight in the next two weeks, he was referring me to the motility clinic at Northwestern in Chicago and pulling this NJ tube. I’m just totally confused as to how I’m supposed to get nutrition and the ER even said they didn’t think my GI even knew what the plan was. I’m 86 pounds and haven’t gained anything since getting this NJ placed two weeks ago. Does anyone have any advice? It could be months before I get in to this metility clinic. I see my GI again on the 26th of June at which point, he said he would pull this tube. My dietitian only has me on 840 calories a day right now, and insurance is giving us issues to get up to 1000 calories a day because they have already paid for a certain concentration of my formula.

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