updates on feeding tube

So, after our dietitian said that we were moving to 24 hour feeds, she then rescended her decision after talking to someone, and we are now going to be getting even fewer calories than before this decision!!! She’s going to have us on 988 calories per day for a week!!! like what the heck? That’s a starvation diet!!! Like, how does she expect us to gain weight on that!!!
Our GI doctor is seeing us next Friday, and we are seeing someone from the motility clinic on June 30th through telehealth. We are just so frustrated by our dietitian and the GI doctor’s lack of a plan for the pformanent GJ tube.

2 Replies to “updates on feeding tube”

  1. Oh no, that’s concerning! Perhaps your dietician’s decision is just temporary and she’ll be upping your calories soon? I hope they can figure out a better plan for you, it doesn’t sound good at all.


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