ER again!

So, last night, we were at the ER again for fluids. Ugh!!! I just wish insurance would cover the IV fluids. Our blood pressure was 81/36 when we called the EMT’s. When they got there, it was 81/52. The EMT said that was normal for a person my size. Like, what? Just wow!! We got fluids, and the nurse practitioner was really nice. She looked at our labs, and she said we weren’t very far off from needing an iron infusion. Like, hmmm. We’ve been on tube feeding now for a little over a month. We should be getting iron, but she said apparently there’s a malabsorbtion issue going on. She also said our folate was low. Everything else was ok though. The nurse practitioner said that she has seen more people around here with EDS lately than ever before. Our GI did an ANA test to check for autoimmune stuff, and we are waiting on that to come back.

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