things I don’t take or granted because of chronic illness

Hello everyone,

So, these are the things I have learned not to take for granted because of having chronic illness.

I don’t take for ranted the ability to eat. I would so love to go to a restraint to get something to eat like a chicken sandwich, or that yummy ice cream, or even a soup with potatoes and cream and bacon. But I can’t.

I am stuck with getting my nutrition through a bag and a pump. It’s what keeps me alive.


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Motility issuesMotility issues

Found out I have intestinal dysmotility. I still have contrast in my small intestines from getting my tube placed last week! I also have contrast in my large intestines as well as a lot of stool. So, they cannot tell if I’m not tolerating the formula or it’s just because of my slow intestines. I’m kind of frustrated by this point but at least, they are placing a midline. I was told today that they were supposed to make a decision on whether I went on TPN or just got a port and went with a different formula, but now I have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday so they can clear out my bowels and then they can make a decision. I didn’t realize how slow my intestines were, but I can say I’m not too surprised because my stomach is almost paralyzed. This whole process is just so frustrating, and I just wish someone was here with me. I am here by myself dealing with all of this. Just feeling alone.