medical frustrations with fluids

So, I have POTS and gastroparesis and EDS. I have a port. My POTS doctor is only willing to give me 2 L a week of IV fluids for three weeks. I’m tube dependent as well. I also take Lenzess and so lose fluids there as well. If I didn’t take it though, I would be constipated. I went to my urogynocology doctor for pelvic floor biofeedback therapy, and my urine was a dark yellow color. So, I’m dehydrated. I can’t get more fluids through my tube than I’m already getting. He will not recommend any more fluids than what he is going to give me. I’m completely lost, because I keep telling him that I only get 1228 MG of sodium through my formula a day. I can’t mix salt or add anything else to my feeds because It can mess with how the formula is absorbed in the small intestines. If I don’t get more fluids after the three weeks, I will keep ending up in the hospital for dehydration. So, what’s the point of me having this port then? I’m just at a loss. Any advice? The POTS doctor is saying that hopefully my body will adjust. They are also leaving it to my GI doctors to manage the nutrition and hydration stuff, but the GI doctors don’t specialize in POTS… ugh!!!


Rayette Rucker

World Services for the Blind

Assistive Technology Instructor Online Trainee

Google Voice Number: 3146379985

JAWS 2020 certified

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