an email I sent my dietitian about formula

Hello Dustin,So, when we switched from 4 cartons to 5, they didn’t send enough cartons. I called the emergency person yesterday, and they said that technically, it wasn’t an emergency because I still had enough formula for overnight. I have 3 cartons for today and no more after that. I’ve been running liquid IV since yesterday afternoon when my cartons for the morning were finished. They sent me a total of 150 cartons with the 69 that they had sent when I got home from the hospital, and the 81 that they sent when we switched to the 5 cartons a day. I had already started to use 5 cartons a day from the 69 that I first got. The lady on the phone was blaming me for being out of formula, and she said that we could get the branch to deliver some if they had my formula in stock. She then said that if this happened again, that we would have to pay a $150 delivery fee. I’m on a fixed income… I just felt attacked when I called asking for help. Maybe not attacked, but blamed. Thanks for reading.

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