IV fluids and POTS

So, I had my appointment with the PA at our POTS doctor’s office yesterday through telehealth. She spoke to my doctor, and they are going to give me IV fluids every other day for 8 weeks. Trying to decide if I should leave my port accessed during the week to lower the risk of infection from being accessed and deaccessed multiple times a week. I’m just confused as to why he would say I can have IV fluids every other day for 8 weeks, and then take it away if it’s working? I’m completely NPO in terms of fluids because whatever I do drink or eat is drainable and doesn’t digest anyway. I’m glad I’m getting more fluids, but why do they have to give it to me and then take it away? I’m feeding tube dependent. I have gastroparesis as well. Sorry for venting…


Rayette Rucker

World Services for the Blind

Assistive Technology Instructor Online Trainee

Google Voice Number: 3146379985

JAWS 2020 certified

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