endocronology appointment

So, I went to the endocronologist, and even though my dexa scan showed severe osteoporosis, she said that she didn’t think it was true osteoporosis because I’m not a post-menapausal woman. She said they listed T-scores and not Z-scores. She basically said that she couldn’t help me because my case wasn’t a true endocronology case and that I should look for a genetic reason for it. She also said that it could be caused by my gastroparesis or just be a resulq that of my EDS. She isn’t willing to give me the meds for osteoporosis until I can get a definiative answer on whether this is osteoporosis. She is referring every to an endocronologist who specializes in bone health. She said the only lab that was off was my vitamin D. I’m just so confused….


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