Working on paperwork to get into Mercy Ministries Intake hoping they get it all by midweek next week. Not sure what the next steps are, but I’m looking forward to what God will do in my life. I can’t wait to meet the girls at Mercy.

another update

So, I now live in a shelter care.  They do everything for you like cleaning, laundry and cooking. My doctor put me here after I went back to the hospital for running out of meds. My foster mom said it wasn’t her job to take care of a twenty three year old’s medications.  I’m trying to grt into a place called Mercy Ministries which is a six month residentail treatment program that’s free of charge. I’m going through the application process now. Hope I can get in. Wish me luck.

another update

I am at home again. hope this goes well. I’ll be managing my own money and paying mom rent of between 2 and three hunderd dollars. I have to look for a psychiatrist before I run out of my month suply of meds.

update for tonight

Having a pretty okay dalbany care becaue of the self harming behaviors. I’m moving back in with my foster mom to go back to school and get on with my life. I will be paying her rent to live there. I will get counseling and psychiatry in my area. That’s about it for now.ayso far. I didn’t get accepted to 


So tomorrow I talk to Albany Care. I hope it all goes well. Feeling pretty good tonight. I don’t have any thoughts of cutting or anything. So that’s good. I want to read the boook posess me. I’ve heard it’s reallly good. //tomorrow, one of our staff that’s really strict comes to work, and hopefully, she doesn’t ignore me like she did the other day. Have a good night everyone.


So feeling kind of depressed. I got the Internet on my computer because of my phone today. I feel like cutting because earlier, I ran into the computer and broke a clock. I’m apparently supposed to be using my cane in the group home. I didn’t know that. Anyway, I have to explain that to the staff tomorrow. Other than that, I am doing pretty well.


So I spoke with the main staff at my group home, and she said that I needed a higher level of care. On Tuesday, we are going to contact albany care to see if they got my referral. I don’t think she was happy that I had to leave the group  home. I hope I can get in. A former vision teacher of mine said she might be able to take me to the place since otherwise, i  would have to take the Mega Bus or amtrak. If I took amtrak, I would have to pay $45 extra for the rest of my luggage. I hope this all works out, and at least at albany care, I will have mopre staff to talk to. 

Hospital update

Hey, just wanted to do a quick update. I just got out of the hospital. I was having suicidal thoughts and self harm thoughts. None of the meds were changed. I was only there for four days.

Just another post 

I’m seriously thinking of leaving the group home I live in now. The staff don’t care about my problems at all. They told me that my hearing voices and suicidal thoughts were a load of crap. I also am not allowed to do the dishes by myself because they’re afraid I will drop them or that I won’t get them clean. I can’t manage my own money, and I’m just generally not happy. Also, I’m not in counseling. I keep bringing it up, but I keep being told that theyou are working on it. I just can’t take it anymore.