GI appointment update

Hello everyone,

So, I had my G.I. appointment on Wednesday, 19 May. We are keeping my feeding tube rate the same as the doctor said that with my bloating currently it would be impossible to increase my feed rate. We also discussed starting an antibiotic that would target the gases in the G.I. tract that causes bloating. The antibiotic stays in the G.I. tract and does not enter the bloodstream. My insurance also approved Motegrity. It is a medication that is supposed to help things move through my bowels. I hope this medication helps, and I hope my insurance approves the anabiotic that they want to start me on. Hope everyone has a good day and thanks for reading.


Feed intolerance update

I’m still struggling to tolerate my feeds. This is frustrating as I do not want to end up on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) gastroparesis is not a fun condition to live with. It literally translates to stomach paralysis. Chronic illness can sometimes be frustrating.