what is for insurance for anyway?

what the hell is insurance for? if they won’t pay for the treatment you need? I was even told by someone from the insurance company that sometimes people die because they don’t cover the services they need!!! Like what the hell??? i don’t know anymore. if something doesn’t happen soon, I will become one of the 20% of anorexics who die.


treatment center said no!!

So they said no. after sending them records from two years of psych admissions and 291 pages from a two month admission in another psych place, they said no. My issues are to much. so much for looking at the underlying causes of the eating disorder. i have nothing else. sigh. feeling so hopeless.


cookie?can’t i enjoy a damn cookie?

can’t i just enjoy a cookie? can’t i eat it without thinking about the calories? i hate this ED!!! It makes me sad because i feel i will never get the treatment I need. just feeling so hopeless.


Debit card was stolen!!

hi everyone,

So earlier my debit card was stolen along with $100 from my account. This is going to keep me from going to treatment!! I need a state ID to travel there, and I can’t get that now. It will take 7 to 10 days to get a new card, and also, I don’t have the money to even take a cab to the DMV, let alone buy the ID. Why do I even try?


a breakthrough!!!

so i have really good news!!! we’re very highly likely going to be going to be going to Aloria Health to go to treatment for the eating disorder. we’re filling out an application for Project Heal today and have already done the intake and hopx to hear back from Aloria today as to if we got in or not. Also, we get to keep our Social Security benefits and sece it’s not being paid for by insurance, there isn’t a limit on how long we get to stay there. i just have to go today to the indccpendent living center so someone can help us fill out the applicaity. Has anyone ever been to Aloria? What was your experience? So excited to start my recovery journey!!



how do you eat when you don’t know how to nourish your body? how do you heal from something so profound that it changes your life? how!!! i wish someone would tell me how!!! I wish we could get help!!! we can’t do this alone!!!


Tired of getting my hopes up

Hi everyone,

So I’m tired of getting my hopes up only to have them – to again. I thought I was going to get to go to Renfrew in Chicago for eating disorder treatment. They recommended the residential program, so I assumed that they had that program at the Chicago location. I later looked at their website only to realize they did not have residential at that location. So even if they did do a single case agreement with my insurance, I would not be able to go as the residential location is in another state. I am done reaching out to people to ask for help only to be told that I can’t be helped or to be told by the insurance company that they’re not going to pay for something. I just wish something positive would happen! I don’t want to end up on the medical floor getting a feeding tube because insurance refuses to pay for the treatment that we need!


from emmie

it’s emmie. im not ok. im very very very sad. I don’t wanna eat. I hate food. ammica and tara and amythist aren’t ok. they’re struggling with flashbacks. just not ok today. just feeling blah.

emmie age 12