Yesterday in California!

Yesterday was so much fun!! We walked on the pier, walked on the boardwalk over the ocean by the beach. We got to go to a touch tank where we got to touch a small shark and some other really cool things like see urchins, sea inenimies, some cool shells, a sea snail, and a sea star. I got to hold a crab shell that they pulled up with a net from a hole in the middle of the floor that went down into the ocean.  It was an amazing day!! But something we ate didn’t agree with us. That was interesting. We had so much fun!! So many good memories from here. Today we are going to the beach and to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.


please donate for a much needed device!!!

Hi everyone,
so I’m trying to get a new device called the BrailleNote Touch Plus. It’s a Braille tablet that will help me with productivity and keeping up my Braille skills. It also would be easier for me to type on because it uses a touch screen. It would be way easier on my joints. I know it is expensive, but I really need it to keep and maintain as much independence as possible. Even if you can’t donate, I wod appreciate it if you could share the link. Thanks.

Thank you.



Feeling depressed today. Feeling like I’m losing control of my eating habbits. I just want the control back. I hate counting calories and such, but I can’t stop. I’m visually impaired and was wondering if anyone on here was to.