Moving on program

So, the people from the moving on program are going to do an assessment at 10:30 this morning. I’m getting excited!!!! I signed up to test a new product for Serotek a program for the blind. getting excited for this So, I emailed my therapist yesterday, and she still hasn’t responded to me. I emailed her about my DID symptoms and the nightmares and flashbacks..

update on therapy and life

So, I sent my therapist the following email:

Really struggling with flashbacks and nightmares right now. My whole system is in upheaval because of this. We’re trying to hold it together. Waiting on her response.

So, I was supposed to take my placement test today at college, but I don’t have a state ID, so I couldn’t take it. I was also supposed to meet with my Voc. Rehab counselor today to go over college stuff, but since I couldn’t take the placement test, he wants to wait until I take the test to meet with me.


getting ready for college

Hi everyone,

So, i’m getting ready to take my placement test at college. I’m kind of nervous. I go in on Monday at one to take it. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also meeting with my Voc. Rehab counselor on the same day to go over my application for services and to fill out some forms. Getting excited!!!!!!!!!

update on life and therapy

So, I came in my room earlier and found some snacks missing from my drawer. I’m just so angry, because who would still from a blind person? I just wish I knew who kept stealing from me. Amilia is very angry because she just wants to be free of talking about the abuse. She just keeps making threats that she is going to kill me.


Therapy session today!

So, my therapist has worked with people with dissociative identity disorder before. She is is EM DR and CBT as her treatment modalities. i’m looking forward to working with this therapist on my healing journey through sexual abuse. We did paperwork and got everything filled out. My next appointment is next Wednesday at 1 o’clock. She is willing to work with my altars and says she will do whatever it takes to keep me safe.