Update for today 

I’ve spent all of yesterday looking for treatment for my eating disorder, and there are no specialiists in my area. I’m rapidly losing weight. I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks. I’m feeling depressed and alone. I’m feeling like I’m getting out of control. I feel like if I keep going, I will run into a brick wall… I just wish I could get treatment… 

Another update 

Does anyone know of any good books about eating disorders? I’m looking for stories, self help books and others. Any help would be appreciated. I’m also looking for books on self injury. 


So have been doing ok4 ,i ran out of my antianxiety meds yesterday1 but they got them back td4 ,they are trying to force me to eat4 ,i don’t like it1 but ,i know it’s what’s best for my recovery4


So today, my therapist told me that I had EDNOS. I just don’t meet the weight requirement for anorexia. He has to do more research, but he is teaching me moping skills for how to deal when the urges come not to eat. Today we learned distraction techniques. He has to do more research, because he doesn’t specialize in eating disorders. 


So, I’ve made a relationship with one of the nurses here. We’ve agreed that I’m going to take three bites of everything on my plate. After a week of this, she’s going to reward me with nail polish. As long as I stick to my end of the bargain. I ended up cutting yesterday because of the memories. Yesterday was an anniversary day of things that happened to mo as a child. I have to learn to separate my ED voice from my own thoughts. 


I am so depressed. I just wish I could have control back with food… I have to finish a meal this week, because i promised my therapist I would finish one. I just hope I can do it. 

Feeling sad

I’m feeling sad today. I just want the control back over my life. Food dominates every fascet of it. I can’t even finish an entire meal for Pete’s sakes. Just blah. That’s all.

another update

I failed miserably to eat any of my meals today. I just hate food. I fear food because I don’t want to gain weight. Food to me is fat… I just want to stop this cycle, but don’tknow how to get the control back. Food controls my life. I feel like if iI don’t eat, I have control, but really the food is controlling me…

trigger talk of eating disorders 

update trigger talk of eating disorders

so my therapist told me today that i meet all the signs of anorexia except being underweight. I had to promise my therapist I would eat an entire meal this week. I’m honestly not ready to give up my behavior, because it’s become like a friend to me. I restrict my food intake. I’m just looking for support. I know it’s not healthy, but I keep doing it. It’s like the food has the control. I feel as if I’ve lost control. Not sure how to get it back.