New Mac from a friend

I’m so excited. My friend gave me a new MacBook Pro for editing my YouTube videos!! Yay! It’s an older one, but it will do the job.
So excited for this.

I hate gastroparesis

Hello everyone,

I hate gastroparesis. It’s a monster of a disease. It steals quality-of-life, and so much more. I just want to be able to eat normally.. that’s all i want. this is a chronic condition, and will never go away. Does anyone have any encouragement? I will be getting a feeding tube soon. I can’t imagine being hooked up to tubing, and not having accessible feeding pumps. This will be an adjustment.


Ciella in therapy

Hi everyone,

It’s Ciella.

So Friday in therapy, Lily was talking to me on Zoom, a video conferencing platform, and she saw our shirt, and she thought it said allergic to Mommys, but it said allergic to mornings. I pointed this out to her, and she said, “well, guess I have bad eyesight,” and I said, “not as bad as mine.” We laughed for like 5 minutes straight. It was hilarious. We love her so much!

Just thought you could use a laugh for the day. 😊

please donate for a much needed device!!!

Hi everyone,
so I’m trying to get a new device called the BrailleNote Touch Plus. It’s a Braille tablet that will help me with productivity and keeping up my Braille skills. It also would be easier for me to type on because it uses a touch screen. It would be way easier on my joints. I know it is expensive, but I really need it to keep and maintain as much independence as possible. Even if you can’t donate, I wod appreciate it if you could share the link. Thanks.

Thank you.



So we’re in the ER again. We haven’t been here for three months. Just couldn’t handle the meds not working. The system was going down fast. I was actually on lockdown because I couldn’t cope. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if anyone accepts us. I texted our insurance care coordinator to tell her that they needed to pay for the treatment I needed not subpar treatment. I will keep you updated if I can. Thanks for reading and all your support.