from Mimi

hi its mimi. i luv da kitty. he bes so cute. he luvs me so so much. he be so soft. he lik be petted.


our new kitty!!

We gots our new kitty! He luvs us!! We luvs him. He be so cute!! He be cudly. He sleepd wif us last night!!! He be so warm!

Amber 5


My homemaker who comes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays has stepped on Tiger twice this week. It’s not cool!!! I practicY bit her head off yesterday because I’d had enough.


So, this morning, my caseworker is coming to take me to get fitted for compression stockings. Then my homemaker is coming at 10:15 AM and will be here until 2:15 PM. Then at 3:15 PM I’m taking my cat Tweety to the vet. He has to get his shots, and then I have to schedule the appointment to get him fixed. So all in all, a busy day.