Hi my name is Daphne. Im 5. I luv peple. I luv da color blue. Me no lik memries. Me jus wanna be hapy. Me lik all you peple on heer. Luv you all.


frum Mira

hi im so so sad so very very sad. i wan a mommy. i want sumone to hug

me and tel me it wil be ok.. jus need a hug.


emmie afraid of getting help

hi its emmie. im afraid of getting help. i dont want to give up the ED. i dont wanna eat. i hate food. i want help, but people dont understand. our therapist doesnt want to help. she says she doesnt have time. i just want love. i just want to be seen for me. im afraid of ray’s friends cuz i dont wanna be judged.

emmie age 12

cunfused from Amythist

so, it me Amythist, and i be cunfused. R therpist mak me feel bad. He say kids no rite from rong no matr wat day be tot. i cunfused cuz da bad peopl tels me ta do deese things and den he tel me dat i have choice. I no know how ta feel. Feel lik i not have a choice cuz of the programin stuf. Me no know wat ta do.

Amythist 6