frum Amithyst

hi it me Amithyst. i be hapy taday. i lik the computer. it be fun. i wan candy but we not have any. we hav lemon cooky but it be yucky!! me no lik it. me lik da music we play on da speaker thingy. how evrone be taday?

Amithyst 6


Hi my name is Daphne. Im 5. I luv peple. I luv da color blue. Me no lik memries. Me jus wanna be hapy. Me lik all you peple on heer. Luv you all.


frum Mira

hi im so so sad so very very sad. i wan a mommy. i want sumone to hug

me and tel me it wil be ok.. jus need a hug.


downgraded my blog

So, I had to downgrade my blog… Ended up spending more money than I intended on spending. I have almost 130 followers on my blog!!!!! Keep the follows coming!!!!