Let the Christmas festivities begin!

So we are going to Christmas Eve service in a little while, and then after that we are going to grandmas house for dinner and a gift exchange. Then we are going to our sisters house for a gift exchange and to make cookies for Santa. Then tomorrow morning is Christmas! 🙂


going home for Christmas

Hello everyone,

So we’re going home for Christmas. We hope it goes well. We are taking a few supplement drinks with us. Wish us luck. Have a happy Christmas everyone!!!


Update and our day-to-day

So today, we have a very busy day. Our homemaker is coming in about 20 minutes, and then we have therapy at three. After that, we have our holiday dinner for our apartment complex. Our attorney is also supposed to be submitting the appeal to our insurance company today. Hopefully we will be getting a copy of that appeal. I am very afraid about the holiday dinner because my biggest fear is that people will be watching what we eat. Have a good day everyone, and stay safe.

Got myself some gifts

So, I got some new things for myself for Christmas. I got an iPod touch which is blue, I got some PJ pants and some fuzzy socks. I am so happy with these things. I know the kids will enjoy them.


Christmas Day

Fearless Friday- it’s here. Once a year  this day comes. Sometimes it’s filled with fresh bread, potatoes, stuffing and turkey. Other times it just may be a sandwich or a cup of coffee.  You may be surrounded by many. Or sitting alone. Either way – you have you with you.  Sometimes it may not feel […]