Finally getting home health

Hello everyone,

So after months of waiting, we are finally getting home health services starting this coming Thursday. The nurse will be coming to change the port needle and dressing so that we don’t have to go to the clinic and face never ending fatigue. We are also in the process of trying to get a custom wheelchair for our postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I am also in the process of trying to discuss with my dysautonomia specialist the benefits of IV hydration and why it needs to continue and possibly be increased. We cannot get enough fluids through the feeding tube alone let alone sodium as well. Hoping all is well with everyone else, and have a great day. Always remember live to inspire.

I am not disabled, I am differently abled,


why I have a GJ tube

Why do i have a GJ tube?

I have a stomach condition called gastroparesis. It means partial or total stomach paralysis. I use the J portion to feed and the G part to vent/drain stomach contents that build up. My tube allows me to still enjoy some things orally. So, I can have small amounts of mashed potatoes, Jel-O, soda, breads, or small amounts of ice cream. Dairy is debatable with GP though as some people cannot tolerate it. On good days, I can have small amounts of grilled chicken and if I have any vegetables, they have to be cooked to almost mush. No raw fruits or vegetables because of the fiber content. I love my tube, and without it, I  wouldn’t be alive.


alergic to another dressing

Hello everyone,

So, I went on Tuesday to get my IV fluids infusion. Well, we are alergic to the huge tegaderm dressing they used. apparently, they didn’t use the right dressing. So, yesterday, we went to get tthem again, and they changed the dressing. So thankful they did that. My skin feels a lot better. Thank goodness!!!


chronic illness flare

Nausea… Go away!!! I just want sleep!!! Having a GP and POTS and EDS flare!!! What do you do for breakthrough nausea? Already took my orally decentigrating tablet, and can’t take another one for 5 more hours!! My BP is 88/48 and when I stand, my HR goes from 79 to 128. Ugh!!! How do you get your docs to give you IV Zofran? Ray

things I don’t take or granted because of chronic illness

Hello everyone,

So, these are the things I have learned not to take for granted because of having chronic illness.

I don’t take for ranted the ability to eat. I would so love to go to a restraint to get something to eat like a chicken sandwich, or that yummy ice cream, or even a soup with potatoes and cream and bacon. But I can’t.

I am stuck with getting my nutrition through a bag and a pump. It’s what keeps me alive.


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our stomach issues TW medical from Myra

TW medical and trauma

Hello everyone,
It’s Myra. 
We’ve had stomach issues since we were about 16. When we lived with our aunt when we were 17, we threw up after a lot of times when we ate. We were under a lot of stress, so I’m not surprised. I’m pretty suffe we’ve been dealing with gastroparesis since we were a child. We also found out that we may have reverse motility issues to, because at 4 hours of our gastric emptying  study, we had 82% ofthe food left in our stomach, but at 3 hours, there was 81% left which says our intestines don’t work as they should. We want to go to Cleveland clinic, but lack the fudding. Does anyone know a way we can do a fundraiser for medical needs? We just want answers!!! We just want some hope. 
I’m tired of feeling sick. thanks for reading.


Hello everyone,

So, I’m just wondering why we have to have the issues we do with our stomach. I hate not being able to eat a lot of foods. It sucks. I’m sitting here now drinking a protein shake because food is just to much right now. I’m sitting in the library in our apartment building wondering why we had to go through trauma and why we got stuck with incurable diseases. This just sucks. I hate being in pain all the time. I hate not being able to type very well as a result of this. 


Spoke to our primary care providers office yesterday trigger warning medical

Trigger warning medical not sure……So, yesterday, we called our primary care providers office and asked her for help. We asked if they could place an NJ tube, but she said that she could not do that. She had said we had to wait for the G.I. consult on March 20. She wants us to drink three protein shakes per day diluted with water to make them easier to swallow as well as eating three full-size meals per day. This is nearly impossible. We can barely manage some days to eat some applesauce and some chicken broth. Why can’t we just get help? I also found out why I haven’t been seeing my dietitian. My primary care provider never sent in a referral to her when I switched providers. So I have not seen her since January 7. I called her and asked her for her advice yesterday, and I asked her if she could prescribe a feeding tube, and she said if it was eating disorder related, maybe. She told me to also wait for the G.I. consult. I am just getting so frustrated at this point. I just need nutrition! Dammit!Ray

Trigger warning medical

TW medical . . . . . . . So, I spoke to Alsana today, and they do not take people with feeding tubes. They said if i got a feeding tube, I would need a higher level of care. I also spoke to Eating Recovery Center, and they said that they do feeding tubes on a short-term basis. So, basically, if I needed a feeding tube long-term because of gastroparesis, no place would accept me. So once again, we don’t fit into a box of criteria. So why even try to get into treatment? Also, Medicaid is coming up with a list of places they believe will meet my needs, and they are giving that to Meridian next week, so we don’t even get a choice in the places they choose. Everything just feels out of my control!!! Eating disorder programs don’t understand chronic illness, and I was even told by Alsana that in eating disorder treatment programs, you have to eat food, and if I went there, they would need a menu of foods from my GI team that I could eat, because i couldn’t have a tube during programming. The thing is, I can’t take the only motility med they prescribe which is Reglin. She also said that people on feeding tubes are just existing, not living. I’m half tempted to ask Megan to stop pursuing the eating disorder treatment. Ray