Let the Christmas festivities begin!

So we are going to Christmas Eve service in a little while, and then after that we are going to grandmas house for dinner and a gift exchange. Then we are going to our sisters house for a gift exchange and to make cookies for Santa. Then tomorrow morning is Christmas! 🙂


emmie afraid of getting help

hi its emmie. im afraid of getting help. i dont want to give up the ED. i dont wanna eat. i hate food. i want help, but people dont understand. our therapist doesnt want to help. she says she doesnt have time. i just want love. i just want to be seen for me. im afraid of ray’s friends cuz i dont wanna be judged.

emmie age 12

i want a mommy

i want a mommw. i want someone to love me. i want a real family. a forever family… my heart hurts. I just want people to see me for me, not as Ray. i’m just so sad… i want a friend. will someone be my friend?

Alison age 9


So, I told the director of nursing today about what the other nurse said to me about living with DID, and she said, “There is nothing I can do about that.” The incident I’m referring to is when I went to take my meds last night and I got so excited because Amilia came out and talked to the doctor and he believed me. I told the nurse this, and she told me that she wouldn’t acknowledge the others that she would only acknowledge me as Rayette. She said the others don’t exist…. I just feel like I’m going crazy. My own family doesn’t even believe I have DID because they haven’t seen me switch in the six years that I lived with them…. Switching isn’t always obvious. It can be very subtle.