when to be hospitalized for DID/mental health

so all the doctors that we keep seeing at the ER just keep telling us that they can’t help us. I told them that Amilia was suicidal, and in fact, she had been the one to take the two overdoses. The doctors simply said the ER wasn’t the place for us. I told hem that at least it would keep us safe so we can work through some things. The doctor said he couldn’t help with the alters, but we weren’t expecting hem to do that anyway. It’s just a really hard time for us, and with all the realizations we’ve had lately, we think it would be in our best interest to seek inpatient treatment. Plus what with all the eating issues and such going on…. I just don’t know. What are people’s thoughts on when to hospitalize for DID when doctors keep giving you the run around????? Thansk.

The collective

another update

So, I now live in a shelter care.  They do everything for you like cleaning, laundry and cooking. My doctor put me here after I went back to the hospital for running out of meds. My foster mom said it wasn’t her job to take care of a twenty three year old’s medications.  I’m trying to grt into a place called Mercy Ministries which is a six month residentail treatment program that’s free of charge. I’m going through the application process now. Hope I can get in. Wish me luck.