things I don’t take or granted because of chronic illness

Hello everyone,

So, these are the things I have learned not to take for granted because of having chronic illness.

I don’t take for ranted the ability to eat. I would so love to go to a restraint to get something to eat like a chicken sandwich, or that yummy ice cream, or even a soup with potatoes and cream and bacon. But I can’t.

I am stuck with getting my nutrition through a bag and a pump. It’s what keeps me alive.


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So, we have no homemaker for two weeks!!! The company just called my worker like half an hour ago to tell her to clock out because someone who had gone to some one else’s house had been exposed to the Corona virus. So, now , those workers have to apply for unemployment or something, and we are without workers for two weeks. Not sure what we are going to do now. Ugh!!


Passwording some future posts

So, I am password some future posts because they are diary entries from a two month stay at a psychiatric hospital. If you want the password, you can email me at