frum Amithyst

hi it me Amithyst. i be hapy taday. i lik the computer. it be fun. i wan candy but we not have any. we hav lemon cooky but it be yucky!! me no lik it. me lik da music we play on da speaker thingy. how evrone be taday?

Amithyst 6

frum Mira

hi im so so sad so very very sad. i wan a mommy. i want sumone to hug

me and tel me it wil be ok.. jus need a hug.


cunfused from Amythist

so, it me Amythist, and i be cunfused. R therpist mak me feel bad. He say kids no rite from rong no matr wat day be tot. i cunfused cuz da bad peopl tels me ta do deese things and den he tel me dat i have choice. I no know how ta feel. Feel lik i not have a choice cuz of the programin stuf. Me no know wat ta do.

Amythist 6

it Athena


It me Athena and I wanna know how erbody is doin. Love all u lovly people. All you are nice.

Athena age 6

update time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it’s erica and I’m 11. I’m scared to go to therapy. I just wish people would believe us because we’re not lying about the DID.

Hey, it
s Rayette, and I wish people would believe me. The DID isn’t being made up at all. 95% of cases arre unnoticeable. You wouldn’t even know the person had DID unless you asked. them.

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Feeling sad

So, I’m feeling sad today… Having thoughts of the abuse we went through. Trying not to let thoughts of suicide come back into my mind. Amilia really wants to cut right now… We have things we could use…. but we know if we cut it wouldn’t be good for us. So, I had four more littles introduce themselves to me. Their names are Angellica, Sara, Melissa, and Becky. Becky┬áis four, Sara is 9, Melissa is 6, and Angellica is 7. So now in all there are nine of us. I don’t know if I’ve discovered all of my alters yet or not. Just feeling really lonely, and could really use someone to talk to. I could really use a friend right now. It’s like 5:49 Am here where I live, and I’ve been awake since 5:02 this morning. Thoughts keep spinning through my mind. I don’t know what to do with it all. I go on Tuesday for my academic advising appointment at college. I’m supposed to meet with my DRS counselor to on that day. He knows about our DID diagnosis. I love my counselor. I asked her what she would do if we were ever in a crisis, and she said she would send me to the hospital if need be. I just really need a friend.