So, I went to see Jodi today. She wants me to keep a log of the food that I eat for the next two weeks. I’m not sure tas a good idea as that is one of the things that got me into my ED in the first place. She referred me to a dietician, and I’m going to see her on the 26th. I’m going for my assessment for the ED program on the 29th. We’re also trying to sort out the whole electrophysiologist thing. There was a mixup with communication between doctors. One thing that Jodi doesn’t understand is that there are going to be days that I’m going to struggle. She just expecffs me to meet my caloric intake goal every day. She’s finY going to see about increasing my Lamictol when I see her again in two weeks. Overall, a good appointment. Just a little nervous about the whole food diary thing.