Hey, its Rayette. I figured out how to do this whole Internet thing by watching from the inside. Why does everything seem so different? It’s still 1993… But I dont understand why everything is all jumbled. Dont know how to cope with life. Want to run away!!!! I didnt even know we were multiple!!! Feeling crazy!!! Is anybody there? I’m freaking out!!!



In the group home where we live, our bedrooms are cold. The cold reminds me of being in an old house where we used to live with my parents. We had no food, no blankets, and very little clothing. I know I’m not there now, but it’s so cold that it just reminds me of being there ‘ag. Other than that, I’m having a prety okay day. Haven’t had the urge to cut… That’s good. When I take naps without taking my medicine for nightmares, I still have them which isn’t good, but I survive. I’ve been fighting the urges to not eat or to purge my food. I’m happy to say that I’ve made it successfully without doing either. I also haven’t had any breakdowns which makes today a good day. Never stop believing in yourself.