Yesterday in California!

Yesterday was so much fun!! We walked on the pier, walked on the boardwalk over the ocean by the beach. We got to go to a touch tank where we got to touch a small shark and some other really cool things like see urchins, sea inenimies, some cool shells, a sea snail, and a sea star. I got to hold a crab shell that they pulled up with a net from a hole in the middle of the floor that went down into the ocean.  It was an amazing day!! But something we ate didn’t agree with us. That was interesting. We had so much fun!! So many good memories from here. Today we are going to the beach and to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.


update time!!!

So, I can’t do the Crisis Text Line training. My psychiatrist says it’s to early for me to do this. He wants me to be living on my own before I do something like this. I’m saddened that I can’t do the training.

update for tonight

Having a pretty okay dalbany care becaue of the self harming behaviors. I’m moving back in with my foster mom to go back to school and get on with my life. I will be paying her rent to live there. I will get counseling and psychiatry in my area. That’s about it for now.ayso far. I didn’t get accepted to