why I have a GJ tube

Why do i have a GJ tube?

I have a stomach condition called gastroparesis. It means partial or total stomach paralysis. I use the J portion to feed and the G part to vent/drain stomach contents that build up. My tube allows me to still enjoy some things orally. So, I can have small amounts of mashed potatoes, Jel-O, soda, breads, or small amounts of ice cream. Dairy is debatable with GP though as some people cannot tolerate it. On good days, I can have small amounts of grilled chicken and if I have any vegetables, they have to be cooked to almost mush. No raw fruits or vegetables because of the fiber content. I love my tube, and without it, I  wouldn’t be alive.


Thankful for my feeding tube

I am thankful for my feeding tube. It gives me nutrition. It gives me life. Without it, I would probably die. Chronic illness is a monster, but that tube gives me power. It gives me the power to live the best life I can live. It gives me the freedom to go where I want to go and do what I want to do. Gastroparesis will not defeat me. Maybe in the next 5 to 10 years, they will come out with a treatment that is covered by state insurances and is FDA approved, but until then, I am grateful for this tube. Yes, it may be uncomfortable. Yes, it may look weird to other people, but it’s my lifeline. Did I want this tube at 27 or at all? No, I didn’t, but I needed it to sustain my life. My stomach is almost completely paralyzed, but with this tube, I can live. Have a good day everyone. Thanks for reading.