Feed intolerance update

I’m still struggling to tolerate my feeds. This is frustrating as I do not want to end up on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) gastroparesis is not a fun condition to live with. It literally translates to stomach paralysis. Chronic illness can sometimes be frustrating.

Nausea is so so frustrating!!!!

I hate nausea. It is o frustrating!!! I hate it so so much. It comes naturally with gastroparesis, but it is so frustrating. I had to vent my tube this morning because of it. Ugh!!!! I hate this disease!!!


Medical worries

Hello everyone.

I’m struggling with my feeds. I can only do 35ML per hour and my goal was 80. I’m far from that. We found out that it is just my body not tolerating the rate of the formula, not the formula itself. This is frustrating because I don’t want to have to do another admission to get things fixed again. Hoping we can avoid TPN because it has it’s own risks. Hoping I can get some relief soon and that my body will hopefully begin tolerating the formula at a higher rate. Hope everyone is well.


why I have a GJ tube

Why do i have a GJ tube?

I have a stomach condition called gastroparesis. It means partial or total stomach paralysis. I use the J portion to feed and the G part to vent/drain stomach contents that build up. My tube allows me to still enjoy some things orally. So, I can have small amounts of mashed potatoes, Jel-O, soda, breads, or small amounts of ice cream. Dairy is debatable with GP though as some people cannot tolerate it. On good days, I can have small amounts of grilled chicken and if I have any vegetables, they have to be cooked to almost mush. No raw fruits or vegetables because of the fiber content. I love my tube, and without it, I  wouldn’t be alive.



Hello everyone,

So, I’m just wondering why we have to have the issues we do with our stomach. I hate not being able to eat a lot of foods. It sucks. I’m sitting here now drinking a protein shake because food is just to much right now. I’m sitting in the library in our apartment building wondering why we had to go through trauma and why we got stuck with incurable diseases. This just sucks. I hate being in pain all the time. I hate not being able to type very well as a result of this.