So today is national system pride day. It was set up by the Entropy system on YouTube. You need to be proud of your system and for what they ‘be helped your survive. They all deserve to know that they are appreciated. Show them love and do something to make them feel appreciated. Play with your littles or write them notes if you don’t have good communication. And don’t forget to check out the Entropy system on YouTube!!

No psychiatrist and no primary care again?

Hello everyone,

So we officially have no primary care provider and no psychiatrist. Yesterday I called to check on an appointment and they told me that I transferred out of that medical group with my primary care provider as his patient which I did not do. No one can tell me what the hell is going on. Then I spoke to my psychiatrist nurse who told me that he agreed that I needed a higher level of care, but then half an hour later I get a call from his secretary saying that I don’t meet criteria for any of the diagnoses that I have been diagnosed with in his opinion. I don’t understand how after three times of seeing me in one year he can say this when the appointments have only been 15 minutes with the exception of the first appointment which was 40 minutes. How can he discount something such as anorexia when the signs are clearly there? What did we do to deserve this? I don’t know what we are going to do now. Now we are not being medically monitored for the eating disorder.


Dietitian appointment

Hi everyone,

So we had our dietitian appointment on Friday, and it was good news but not good news. They said their program was not going to be enough to help me that we needed an inpatient level of care and they would document that. We have a place that has excepted us, but Medicaid refuses to pay. I don’t know what we are going to do if we can’t get them to pay. We are essentially without a dietitian and an eating disorder therapist for now. Not sure what’s next, but this road is so long and confusing and scary.


Intake with eating disorders therapist

So, we had an intake with an eating disorder therapist at the weight loss and wellness center. Apparently they have an eating disorder’s team. I’m supposed to see her every two weeks. I am seeing the dietitian there this coming Friday, and after that the clinical team will discuss the case to see what needs to be done from here. The therapist did say that inpatient would be ideal right now considering everything we have going on. Will keep you posted.


Therapy today

So, we had therapy today, and it was very exhausting. After I write this post, I am going to sleep. I am drained. I don’t remember most of the session, but I do know that Amelia made a safety plan. Maybe the others will write more about the session later, I’m not sure. Sorry we haven’t posted in a while. Just been very busy. We got excepted into river oaks, but now have to fight the insurance company. Just thought I would update you all.



So just got a message from our PCP that River Oaks isn’t an option and that our only options were Passavant psych unit which won’t accept us, and to follow up with our psychiatrist for the other medical issues. We’ve basically been told that the one place in the country that can help us with all our issues isn’t an option because of insurance. don’t even know why I even try.



how do you eat when you don’t know how to nourish your body? how do you heal from something so profound that it changes your life? how!!! i wish someone would tell me how!!! I wish we could get help!!! we can’t do this alone!!!


Tired of getting my hopes up

Hi everyone,

So I’m tired of getting my hopes up only to have them – to again. I thought I was going to get to go to Renfrew in Chicago for eating disorder treatment. They recommended the residential program, so I assumed that they had that program at the Chicago location. I later looked at their website only to realize they did not have residential at that location. So even if they did do a single case agreement with my insurance, I would not be able to go as the residential location is in another state. I am done reaching out to people to ask for help only to be told that I can’t be helped or to be told by the insurance company that they’re not going to pay for something. I just wish something positive would happen! I don’t want to end up on the medical floor getting a feeding tube because insurance refuses to pay for the treatment that we need!


CANT do this!! just cant *tw*

so just found out that after all these years, insurance doesn’t even have all my diagnoses listed. They don’t even have PTSD. i basically have to be re-evaluated for everything!! just feel like ing crazy!!! i want out!!! i cant do this!!! this with the news that we got from our dietitian today, just to much!!!Ray

Therapy in a little bit

Hi everyone, We have therapy in like half an hour. Enigma needs to talk to him today about her feeling suicidal. I hope we have a good session. Ray